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PostSubject: Frontier Stand   Frontier Stand EmptyThu Oct 30, 2008 9:12 am

The following events happened. They just happened in 2d, and dialogue and event have been changed for dramatic affect Wink

Part One: Exodus from the BR quadrant.

Note: This will be the ONLY part of this story unless a good number of people want to see the story continue on.

Dienekes' crippled ship crept through the shattered system, leaving a trail of fuel and leaking atmosphere like the blood of dying prey. All around him were the cold corpses of friendly ships. Most of them had been taken out before they'd even had the chance to detach from their docks.... before they could even prime their weapons. Dienekes shuddered at the thought.

He looked behind him, to see a half-assembled and bloodied crew watching him for any sign of a command. He'd trained this fleet, bringing desperate port colonists to virgin, newly terraformed lands, delivering materials, watching the small camps turn into prosperous settlements. He'd helped train the fleet. They were inexperienced, but they'd had a drive that he'd never before seen. He'd been proud of them.

It'd all happened too quickly.

"Sir, we got an inbound on our starboard high."

"Make us ghosts, Sergeant!" Dienekes said quickly. The dim lights all around him died, making their ship into nothing more than a floating coffin. Their only chance of survival was to imitate the death that surrounded them. The crew stayed entirely silent except for their sharp breaths in the frigid air.

In the distance, there was a flash of light. Dienekes strained his eyes, and saw the dim outline of Peroxis, the system's capital planet. He watched in brooding silence, knowing that with each blossoming flash, thousands of his countrymen and brothers in arms were being incinerated.

The nearest planet to them was close enough that they could actually see the eerily soft lights of the the flames which blanketed most of the planets once-lush forests. Feeling a burning rise of hatred, Dienekes slammed his shivering hand into dash.

"EMPIRE!" he yelled out, it was a throaty and pained yell, but there was an edge in it as well. His subordinates watched in cautious silence. He knew that his peace treaty with Empire had meant little. But even so, even with his inexperienced fleet, he'd managed to score many victories against MSR, their common enemy. But the moment that they'd finally thrown their full weight into the offensive against MSR, Empire broke their treaty. They'd never had a chance to even react.

Empire had scoured Dienekes from every corner of the galaxy he'd ever once tried to settle. They'd killed millions when they'd glassed his entire system in the 11th quadrant, and millions more in their raid on the survivors in the DF quadrant.

The BR quadrant had been the place Dienekes had hoped to turn it around, but they'd followed him even here. Dienekes bit his lip, feeling a trickle of blood run down his chin. This was his fault.

To his relief, planets on his monitor began turning red one after another. "They're surrendering, sir," Cassy reported. The young Lieutenant had a soft voice, she watched the destruction with dim eyes, even as her family had been burned away. Despite knowing this, she managed to give Dienekes a pained smile.

Good, live on... I will be back With each planet's surrender, Dienekes felt the burden tugging down on his shoulders lessen.

"Sir... the approaching ship is hailing us..."

Hailing us? Dienekes spun around to the command interface. After the missile which had clipped his tail, his ship now was nothing more than a wounded animal. "Patch it through."

To Dienekes' surprise, a female voice came over the speakers, and it was not the dreaded Empire pilot, Roe. "Greetings, Dienekes." She said simply.

Dienekes proceeded cautiously, feigning the panicked lieutenant, "I might be able to find him in all this wreckage. Tell me your message and I will make sure he gets it."

"Enough games, Black Doradus."

Dienekes bristled. How did she know that nickname? Only...

"Madace sends his regards from the Frontier Quadrant."

"What business does Madace have here?" Dienekes spat.

"He summons you to join him. He has a proposition for you. From what I see, you don't have much of a choice," Rah answered. Dienekes could almost see her mocking grin.

"If I see Madace again, I'm more likely to put a knife in his throat than talk," Dienekes growled. He remembered. This wasn't his fault... it was Madace's fault. It had been Madace who'd convinced him to come to the BR quadrant, and it'd been Madace who'd disappeared soon after they'd began to settle the area. He'd probably known all along. He'd probably sold them out to save his own skin.

"That's your business with him. I was only told to pick you up, and I much look forward to it," Rah said with a chuckle.

Dienekes grinned, feeling his back pocket for the milky, curved knife which he'd kept since it'd been presented to him by the S31 envoy in the 11th quadrant. If he got close enough to use it, it'd make for a beautiful death.

Dienekes turned to his worn-out crew with a smile. "We're hitchen a ride outa here!"

The crew was too tired to celebrate as they began to shuffle towards the docking bay. Cassy approached him cautiously, eyes turned to the ground. "What's Black Doradus?" she asked as she handed Dienekes his sidearm, which he'd lost in the initial blast.

Dienekes' eyes narrowed and went out of focus in a dark reflection.

"It's a long story," he muttered.
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PostSubject: Re: Frontier Stand   Frontier Stand EmptyThu Oct 30, 2008 9:30 am

nice. cant wait for the next part Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Frontier Stand   Frontier Stand EmptyTue Nov 04, 2008 6:39 am

what next? Question
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Frontier Stand
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